EM Modeling


RF designers … have been literally dumped into the field with little to no preparation and are no substitue for a good solid grounding in EM and RF” — J. Rautio


Applying today’s technology to quickly and efficiently move from concept to modeling and from design to initial layout requires ever increasing expertise. Utilizing today’s advanced modeling tools, while complicated, can shorten time to market. The time it may take an internal design team to quickly respond to a new or changing marketplace can make or break a product. The cost of modeling as compared to having a model shop produce a prototype is frequently cost effective and often provides valuable information that cannot be measured.

Kenyon Mountain Consulting (KMC) was founded to address the need for an expertise in high frequency electromagnetic modeling and simulation. KMC’s primary focus is modeling various types of electromagnetic (EM) passive structures and includes both radiating and non-radiating structures.

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