KMC Solutions for Computer Support

We have numerous computer related skills at which we excel, numerical modeling, electromagnetics design and modeling, performance computing, product development and analysis, pre/post-sales support, telecommuting, software development and computer security. Some on staff have spent 12 years in a commercial software development environment related to computer modeling. Computational modeling encompasses a diverse set of skills where various modeling schemes are used to solve a range of problems. These past efforts have given us valuable knowledge, an understanding of the math behind the many software modeling techniques and an extensive set of software and hardware computer skills.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Numerous jobs involving computer modeling, from antennas to military platforms in varying environments
  • Extensive experience in Numerical Modeling (Electromagnetics, FEM, MoM, FDTD) and Data Visualization
  • Skilled system administrator (UNIX, MacOSX, Windows)
  • Posses a broad range of experience utilizing software, both commercial and open source
  • Experience public speaking and instruction in various environments

Specific Computer Related Skills:

Modeling Software / CAD: HFSS (FEM) ~ Concerto (FDTD) ~ NEC 4 ~ Sonnet ~ RCS/BSC (OSU) ~ ArchiCAD

Development: Parallel Computing ~ Emacs ~ vi ~ BBEdit ~ CVS ~ Subversion ~ Git

Data Visualization: SciPy/MatPlotLib ~ IDL ~ OpenDX ~ Gnuplot ~ Maple ~ Matlab ~ MayaVi

Languages: Python ~ Awk ~ FORTAN ~ Perl ~ C++ ~ CSH/BASH ~ HDF ~ MPI ~ PHP

Graphics / Layout: Adobe InDesign ~ Adobe Illustrator ~ Adobe Photoshop ~ Adobe Go Live ~ GIMP ~ Inkscape ~ Scribus

Operating Systems: Macintosh ~ UNIX/Linux ~ Solaris ~ Windows

Data Base: FileMaker ~ MYSQL

Web Site: Drupal ~ WordPress ~ raw HTML ~ CSS ~ Groupware ~ domain registration and hosting (LINK for more info on Web Presnece)

Documentation: Doxygen ~ Sphinx ~ iBook Author ~ Adobe PageMaker ~ Adobe Acrobat

Security: Encryption, Remote Computing, Data Storage, Data Backup

We are your solution architect!

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