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Our background includes many skills: numerical modeling, electromagnetics design and modeling, performance computing, product development, pre/post-sales support, software development and computer security.  KMC offers solutions for electromagnetic (EM) modeling consultation, custom web site content management system (CMS) creation and advanced / performance computing consultation.  Our staff of highy skilled engineers and scientists brings a superior skill set to three main areas of competence:

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

We have on staff several highly skilled engineers with varying backgrounds all with expertise in 2/3D EM field Modeling.  Our expertise in computational modeling techniques includes: FEM, FDTD, MoM, FIT, PO and UTD.  For more info use this LINK to another page on our site.

Web Presence Solutions, CMS, CRM, Groupware etc

We also have considerable experience installing, creating and customizing content management system (CMS) used to create, manage, store, and deploy content on Web pages.  We also have deployed several Groupware type sites to increase client communications and efficiency.  For more info on this topic, please follow this LINK.

Computing Solutions Architect

While not intended to be day to day IT support, KMC can assist in solving your computer issues.  We have extensive knowledge of Open Source software, some ability to create custom software (ex via Python or custom spread sheets among others ), considerable background in data visualization and have experience with computer security issues including use of encryption and remote computing as well as many other areas.  See this LINK for more info.

We are your solution architect!

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